How to warmup before training

How to warmup before training Warming up before performing physical activity has been drilled into out minds since we started physical education. We would do a slow jog around the field and then perform static stretching afterwards. Was this the correct way to warmup? How should you warmup? Although it is considered essential to many … Continue reading How to warmup before training

Improve your pumps with Arginine!

Improve your pumps with Arginine! Everyone who lift weights cannot help but admit that getting a ‘pump’ in the gym is part of the reason they are in the gym in the first place. There are actually a variety of legal supplements you can take to get a ‘sick pump’ and here is one of … Continue reading Improve your pumps with Arginine!

Healing anything with BPC 157

Healing an injury with BPC 157 Injuries and weightlifting go hand-in-hand. If you have been weightlifting or doing any form of exercise for quite some time, you have most likely encountered an injury or two, if not I envy you. Are there ways we can pharmaceutically speed up the healing process for injuries? Let me … Continue reading Healing anything with BPC 157