Can men have multiple orgasms?

Can men have multiple orgasms? Many individuals know, when you talk about sexual intercourse, that it is possible for women to have multiple orgasms whilst males are only able to have one. Is this true and if it is true, what is the cause? Men tend to have longer refractory periods than women. A refractory … Continue reading Can men have multiple orgasms?

Does cannabis cause erectile dysfunction?

Does cannabis cause erectile dysfunction? This question was brought to mind having seen forums where individuals who used cannabis regularly seemed, to me, to complain of erectile dysfunction more commonly than those who were not regular cannabis users. Was this a cognitive bias? The answer is most likely. But what does the science say? With … Continue reading Does cannabis cause erectile dysfunction?

The Pill’s effect on Libido

The Pill’s effect on Libido The pill can refer to a variety of different hormonal combinations. The most used pill is the combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP). This preparation contains oestrogen and progestogen. Individuals use the pill for a variety of different purposes ranging from contraception, improved skin health to treatment of conditions such as … Continue reading The Pill’s effect on Libido

Do steroids shrink your penis?

Do steroids shrink your penis? As absurd as this question might seem, I have been asked about this multiple times by individuals looking to start utilising anabolic steroids. The answer is “No but…” Stay tuned for the answer to the “but…” If you have gone through puberty and are above the age of 18, you … Continue reading Do steroids shrink your penis?