Artificial Sweeteners and your Mental Health

Artificial Sweeteners and your Mental Health In the previous article we had just learnt that coffee might be protective of one’s mental health. What was interesting to researchers, however, is how the positive effect was negated when artificial sweeteners were added to the coffee. In a large study conducted over a decade, it was found … Continue reading Artificial Sweeteners and your Mental Health

Does Coffee affect for your mental health?

Does Coffee affect for your mental health? Have you ever wondered if coffee has an impact on your mental well-being, whether it be negative or positive? Science seems to suggest that coffee might have a positive impact on one’s mental health. I must stress the word ‘might’ as these studies are mostly correlative and we … Continue reading Does Coffee affect for your mental health?

Improve your memory with exercise!

Improve your memory with exercise! “A life without memories is not much of a life.” It is well known that as you age your memory is going to go with it, at least to some extent. Some accept it and others try their best to stave it off. If you are like the others, then … Continue reading Improve your memory with exercise!

Do steroids cause depression?

Do steroids cause depression? If you are familiar with the fitness industry and especially with the bodybuilding community, you might notice that suicide is quite prevalent. This could just be a cognitive bias, but what does the science say? Depression most commonly occurs not whilst one is one a steroid cycle but commonly when a … Continue reading Do steroids cause depression?