Is Vinegar Healthy?

Is Vinegar Healthy? Everyone has heard about the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, but do those benefits extend to other Vinegars? In this article we will discuss the health benefits of a condiment that is surprisingly good for you, unlike most condiments, Vinegar. Vinegar is an anti-glycaemic agent. This means it decreases your blood … Continue reading Is Vinegar Healthy?

The Benefits of Turmeric: Preventing Cancer

The Benefits of Turmeric: Preventing Cancer It is common knowledge at this point that Turmeric is a healthy spice. Its benefits are, in part, thanks to the curcuminoids and more specifically the main curcuminoid responsible for the colour, Curcumin. What, exactly, are some of the benefits? Many different compounds have been examined for possible effects … Continue reading The Benefits of Turmeric: Preventing Cancer

Are you training hard enough?

Are you training hard enough? It is one thing to go to the gym and it is another thing to push yourself in the gym. Anecdotally from what I have seen in the gym, most individuals do not push themselves hard enough or are trying too hard. How to you make sure you are training … Continue reading Are you training hard enough?

Improve your pumps with Arginine!

Improve your pumps with Arginine! Everyone who lift weights cannot help but admit that getting a ‘pump’ in the gym is part of the reason they are in the gym in the first place. There are actually a variety of legal supplements you can take to get a ‘sick pump’ and here is one of … Continue reading Improve your pumps with Arginine!

Lose weight easier with a vegan diet

Lose weight easier with a vegan diet. The dieting community always tends to have a flavour of the month. That is, the most popular diet of the month. This ranges from low carb to no carb to no sugar to no oils and the list goes on. The popularity is usually sparked by a new … Continue reading Lose weight easier with a vegan diet

How much should you exercise per week?

How much should you exercise per week? Whenever it comes to something that requires effort, everyone wants to know how much of it is enough to confer positive effects. I will lay out the results from various studies investigating different durations of exercise a week and it is up to you to decide which duration … Continue reading How much should you exercise per week?

Improve your memory with exercise!

Improve your memory with exercise! “A life without memories is not much of a life.” It is well known that as you age your memory is going to go with it, at least to some extent. Some accept it and others try their best to stave it off. If you are like the others, then … Continue reading Improve your memory with exercise!

Fish oil is a scam

Fish oil is a scam. It is common for individuals to advise the use of fish oil for prevention or treatment of heart disease. This craze over fish oil has led it to develop into a industry worth millions. Should you use fish oils daily to help with your heart health? What does the science … Continue reading Fish oil is a scam

Do steroids cause heart attacks?

Do steroids cause heart attacks and how do they impact the heart? It is well known by most in society that Anabolic steroids impact the heart. They will tell you that if you use steroids your heart will become enormous or that you will have a heart attack. Are they right? What does the science … Continue reading Do steroids cause heart attacks?