Blood Tests on a steroid Cycle.

Blood Test Protocol on Cycle. Blood work is essential if your intention is to utilise steroids safely. I split blood tests into two separate groups, those who are doing a normal cycle with a PCT and those who are blasting and cruising. Normal Cycle + PCT: Pre-cycle bloods will give you a hormonal baseline (necessary … Continue reading Blood Tests on a steroid Cycle.

Artificial Sweeteners and your Mental Health

Artificial Sweeteners and your Mental Health In the previous article we had just learnt that coffee might be protective of one’s mental health. What was interesting to researchers, however, is how the positive effect was negated when artificial sweeteners were added to the coffee. In a large study conducted over a decade, it was found … Continue reading Artificial Sweeteners and your Mental Health

Does Coffee affect for your mental health?

Does Coffee affect for your mental health? Have you ever wondered if coffee has an impact on your mental well-being, whether it be negative or positive? Science seems to suggest that coffee might have a positive impact on one’s mental health. I must stress the word ‘might’ as these studies are mostly correlative and we … Continue reading Does Coffee affect for your mental health?

How do you get enough Vitamin D from the sun?

How do you get enough Vitamin D from the sun? Whilst it is common knowledge that the sun is the main source of vitamin D for humans, it is not commonly known how much time one should spend in the sun to achieve enough for the day. How does one get enough vitamin D from … Continue reading How do you get enough Vitamin D from the sun?

Is Vinegar Healthy?

Is Vinegar Healthy? Everyone has heard about the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, but do those benefits extend to other Vinegars? In this article we will discuss the health benefits of a condiment that is surprisingly good for you, unlike most condiments, Vinegar. Vinegar is an anti-glycaemic agent. This means it decreases your blood … Continue reading Is Vinegar Healthy?

The Benefits of Turmeric: Preventing Cancer

The Benefits of Turmeric: Preventing Cancer It is common knowledge at this point that Turmeric is a healthy spice. Its benefits are, in part, thanks to the curcuminoids and more specifically the main curcuminoid responsible for the colour, Curcumin. What, exactly, are some of the benefits? Many different compounds have been examined for possible effects … Continue reading The Benefits of Turmeric: Preventing Cancer

Does Alcohol cause weight gain?

Does Alcohol cause weight gain? When someone starts a diet, it appears that not only is sugar cut out but alcohol is also, generally, cut out also. The reason for this is that individuals will state it inhibits weight loss. Is there science behind these claims or is it a myth? For those who regularly … Continue reading Does Alcohol cause weight gain?

Cheque Drops (Mibolerone)

Cheque Drops (Mibolerone) Known to many but used by a few, what is it about this oral 19-nor derivative that gave it so much hype back in the day? First developed in 1963 strictly for veterinary purposes, Cheque Drops were used to disrupt the normal menstrual cycle in female dogs to prevent them from going … Continue reading Cheque Drops (Mibolerone)

Natural supplements that reduce your cholesterol

Natural supplements that reduce your cholesterol There are many natural supplements sold in pharmacies these days that claim to reduce cholesterol. The supplement always seems to advertise this new wonder herb that magically reduces your cholesterol. But what are the tried-and-true natural supplements that have research supporting their use in cholesterol management? Citrus Bergamot ExtractBergamot … Continue reading Natural supplements that reduce your cholesterol

Do not Fry your food!

Do not Fry your food! It is well known by many that smoking increases your chances of lung cancer but what is not well known is that frying your food puts your lungs at a similar risk. How does this happen? When fat is fried (this could be fat from oil or lard) and reaches … Continue reading Do not Fry your food!

Are you training hard enough?

Are you training hard enough? It is one thing to go to the gym and it is another thing to push yourself in the gym. Anecdotally from what I have seen in the gym, most individuals do not push themselves hard enough or are trying too hard. How to you make sure you are training … Continue reading Are you training hard enough?

Improve your pumps with Arginine!

Improve your pumps with Arginine! Everyone who lift weights cannot help but admit that getting a ‘pump’ in the gym is part of the reason they are in the gym in the first place. There are actually a variety of legal supplements you can take to get a ‘sick pump’ and here is one of … Continue reading Improve your pumps with Arginine!

Green Tea for Fat loss

Green Tea for Fat loss As I have alluded to in my previous article on green tea, besides the enormous range of health benefits, green tea has a lot of research on its ability to aid in fat loss. Let us delve into the research and come to our own conclusions. Green tea is the … Continue reading Green Tea for Fat loss

Natural Fat burner: Citrus aurantium

Natural Fat burner: Citrus aurantium Most people who have ever tried a fat burner would have, unknowingly, consumed Citrus Aurantium (CA). It is not the main ingredient of most fat loss supplements but let us delve into why it is thought to be a fat burner. As stated in the name, CA is a small … Continue reading Natural Fat burner: Citrus aurantium

Overtraining – Immune System Suppression

Overtraining – Immune System Suppression During this pandemic one of the most researched topics must be how one can improve their immune system to prevent themselves from attracting any unwanted pathogen. Whilst it is known that exercise and training are great for the immune system, it is not commonly known that overtraining can impact the … Continue reading Overtraining – Immune System Suppression

Overtraining – What is Periodization and How to use it

Overtraining – What is Periodization and How to use it Overtraining is common amongst individuals new to a certain type of sport/exercise regime. New individuals become very motivated in the beginning and, perhaps, become too diligent. How do you prevent yourself from overtraining? The key is training periodization. Periodization is essentially a concept one uses … Continue reading Overtraining – What is Periodization and How to use it

Lose weight easier with a vegan diet

Lose weight easier with a vegan diet. The dieting community always tends to have a flavour of the month. That is, the most popular diet of the month. This ranges from low carb to no carb to no sugar to no oils and the list goes on. The popularity is usually sparked by a new … Continue reading Lose weight easier with a vegan diet

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Health Benefits of Green Tea It is common knowledge amongst everyone that green tea has multiple health benefits. It is an acquired taste (which I am yet to acquire). But it there any science behind these health claims? The health benefits seem to be derived from a nutrient that is unique to the tea plant. … Continue reading Health Benefits of Green Tea

How much should you exercise per week?

How much should you exercise per week? Whenever it comes to something that requires effort, everyone wants to know how much of it is enough to confer positive effects. I will lay out the results from various studies investigating different durations of exercise a week and it is up to you to decide which duration … Continue reading How much should you exercise per week?

How to get enough iron on a vegan diet!

How to get enough iron on a vegan diet! One of the more common misconceived arguments against a vegan or plant-based diet is the argument around iron. This is an important topic because iron deficiency can result in multiple unwanted ailments. How do you get enough iron on a vegan diet? Whilst the following fact … Continue reading How to get enough iron on a vegan diet!

Improve your memory with exercise!

Improve your memory with exercise! “A life without memories is not much of a life.” It is well known that as you age your memory is going to go with it, at least to some extent. Some accept it and others try their best to stave it off. If you are like the others, then … Continue reading Improve your memory with exercise!

Can too little sleep cause a stroke?

Can too little sleep cause a stroke? How much sleep one needs has been a question asked for decades. What happens in the long run when you do not sleep enough? How much sleep do we need? In 2015, Patyar et al. found that too much or too little sleep but one at risk of … Continue reading Can too little sleep cause a stroke?

Fish oil is a scam

Fish oil is a scam. It is common for individuals to advise the use of fish oil for prevention or treatment of heart disease. This craze over fish oil has led it to develop into a industry worth millions. Should you use fish oils daily to help with your heart health? What does the science … Continue reading Fish oil is a scam

Should you eat Carbs before or after you work out?

Should you eat Carbs before or after you work out? There are multiple schools of thought for this question with each one seeming as true as the other. You may have heard someone say, “You should eat carbs before working out because carbs give you energy” or “You should eat carbs after you work out … Continue reading Should you eat Carbs before or after you work out?

How much water should I drink a day?

How much water should I drink a day? Let me preface this by warning that these recommendations are for individuals who are healthy with good, heart, kidney, and liver function.  With that out of the way, let us answer this common question. Current recommendations for women are that they consume at least 2.7 litres of … Continue reading How much water should I drink a day?

Can men have multiple orgasms?

Can men have multiple orgasms? Many individuals know, when you talk about sexual intercourse, that it is possible for women to have multiple orgasms whilst males are only able to have one. Is this true and if it is true, what is the cause? Men tend to have longer refractory periods than women. A refractory … Continue reading Can men have multiple orgasms?

The best pre-workout

The best pre-workout From C4 to Redcon total war, its safe to say that supplement companies have capitalised on everyone’s love for neurological stimulation. So, which pre-workout is the best? The answer to which pre-workout is best might disappoint you because the answer is caffeine. If it were not for caffeine, pre-workouts would not be … Continue reading The best pre-workout

Everything you need to know about Propecia (Finasteride)

Everything you need to know about Propecia (Finasteride) With the discovery that hair loss prevention (using agents like finasteride before hair loss is seen) is much more effective than hair loss treatment, the need to full study the effects (and side effects) of these drugs become more important. In this article, we will explore everything … Continue reading Everything you need to know about Propecia (Finasteride)

Does cannabis cause erectile dysfunction?

Does cannabis cause erectile dysfunction? This question was brought to mind having seen forums where individuals who used cannabis regularly seemed, to me, to complain of erectile dysfunction more commonly than those who were not regular cannabis users. Was this a cognitive bias? The answer is most likely. But what does the science say? With … Continue reading Does cannabis cause erectile dysfunction?

Healing anything with BPC 157

Healing an injury with BPC 157 Injuries and weightlifting go hand-in-hand. If you have been weightlifting or doing any form of exercise for quite some time, you have most likely encountered an injury or two, if not I envy you. Are there ways we can pharmaceutically speed up the healing process for injuries? Let me … Continue reading Healing anything with BPC 157

Everything you need to know about Phentermine (Adipex), the appetite suppressant.

Everything you need to know about Phentermine (Adipex), the appetite suppressant. There are not many drugs prescribed for fat loss and if there are, these drugs tend to be pulled from the market quickly after realising the dangerous side effects. However, there is one drug that is still prescribed for weight loss. It is Phentermine. … Continue reading Everything you need to know about Phentermine (Adipex), the appetite suppressant.

How to use steroids safely

How to use steroids safely Steroids are known in society to be dangerous, especially towards your health, which is true. But is there a way to use them and avoid these health complications as best as possible? The first question you might ask is why someone would want to use something dangerous in the first … Continue reading How to use steroids safely

Do steroids cause heart attacks?

Do steroids cause heart attacks and how do they impact the heart? It is well known by most in society that Anabolic steroids impact the heart. They will tell you that if you use steroids your heart will become enormous or that you will have a heart attack. Are they right? What does the science … Continue reading Do steroids cause heart attacks?

The Pill’s effect on Libido

The Pill’s effect on Libido The pill can refer to a variety of different hormonal combinations. The most used pill is the combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP). This preparation contains oestrogen and progestogen. Individuals use the pill for a variety of different purposes ranging from contraception, improved skin health to treatment of conditions such as … Continue reading The Pill’s effect on Libido

Does the hCG Diet work?

Does the hCG Diet (Simeon’s Diet) work?In this article, we will discuss whether the hCG diet works and whether it is safe. As with most of my articles I will try to keep this article as brief as possible. What is hCG?First discovered in 1920, it stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is produced by … Continue reading Does the hCG Diet work?

Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

Ligandrol (LGD-4033) First described in 2007, it is a a second generation SARM.It has been subject to Phase I clinical trials on humans.In the most referenced study Ligandrol (LGD) was studied in various doses ranging from nothing (the placebo) to 1 mg daily. The studied showed that 1lb of muscle was gained a week in … Continue reading Ligandrol (LGD-4033)