Asthma drugs for fat loss – Albuterol/Salbutamol

Asthma drugs for fat loss – Albuterol/Salbutamol Yes, you read that correctly. Drugs commonly inhaled by asthmatics are also used in weight loss. To those more familiar with the underworld of bodybuilding you might think this is an article about the almighty ‘Clen’ (Clenbuterol) but that will be expanded upon in a different article. This … Continue reading Asthma drugs for fat loss – Albuterol/Salbutamol

The Strongest Steroid: Trenbolone

The Strongest Steroid: Trenbolone This drug has gained popularity in the fitness industry lately. This is mainly attributed to the memes surrounding this drug. The memes usually mention the fact that Trenbolone (Tren) is a very potent anabolic steroid. Does the science support this notion? First studied in 1967, Tren was being sold as a … Continue reading The Strongest Steroid: Trenbolone

Natural Fat burner: Citrus aurantium

Natural Fat burner: Citrus aurantium Most people who have ever tried a fat burner would have, unknowingly, consumed Citrus Aurantium (CA). It is not the main ingredient of most fat loss supplements but let us delve into why it is thought to be a fat burner. As stated in the name, CA is a small … Continue reading Natural Fat burner: Citrus aurantium