Is Vinegar Healthy?

Is Vinegar Healthy? Everyone has heard about the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, but do those benefits extend to other Vinegars? In this article we will discuss the health benefits of a condiment that is surprisingly good for you, unlike most condiments, Vinegar. Vinegar is an anti-glycaemic agent. This means it decreases your blood … Continue reading Is Vinegar Healthy?

Does Alcohol cause weight gain?

Does Alcohol cause weight gain? When someone starts a diet, it appears that not only is sugar cut out but alcohol is also, generally, cut out also. The reason for this is that individuals will state it inhibits weight loss. Is there science behind these claims or is it a myth? For those who regularly … Continue reading Does Alcohol cause weight gain?

Natural supplements that reduce your cholesterol

Natural supplements that reduce your cholesterol There are many natural supplements sold in pharmacies these days that claim to reduce cholesterol. The supplement always seems to advertise this new wonder herb that magically reduces your cholesterol. But what are the tried-and-true natural supplements that have research supporting their use in cholesterol management? Citrus Bergamot ExtractBergamot … Continue reading Natural supplements that reduce your cholesterol

Do not Fry your food!

Do not Fry your food! It is well known by many that smoking increases your chances of lung cancer but what is not well known is that frying your food puts your lungs at a similar risk. How does this happen? When fat is fried (this could be fat from oil or lard) and reaches … Continue reading Do not Fry your food!

Lose weight easier with a vegan diet

Lose weight easier with a vegan diet. The dieting community always tends to have a flavour of the month. That is, the most popular diet of the month. This ranges from low carb to no carb to no sugar to no oils and the list goes on. The popularity is usually sparked by a new … Continue reading Lose weight easier with a vegan diet

How to get enough iron on a vegan diet!

How to get enough iron on a vegan diet! One of the more common misconceived arguments against a vegan or plant-based diet is the argument around iron. This is an important topic because iron deficiency can result in multiple unwanted ailments. How do you get enough iron on a vegan diet? Whilst the following fact … Continue reading How to get enough iron on a vegan diet!

Fish oil is a scam

Fish oil is a scam. It is common for individuals to advise the use of fish oil for prevention or treatment of heart disease. This craze over fish oil has led it to develop into a industry worth millions. Should you use fish oils daily to help with your heart health? What does the science … Continue reading Fish oil is a scam

Should you eat Carbs before or after you work out?

Should you eat Carbs before or after you work out? There are multiple schools of thought for this question with each one seeming as true as the other. You may have heard someone say, “You should eat carbs before working out because carbs give you energy” or “You should eat carbs after you work out … Continue reading Should you eat Carbs before or after you work out?

Does the hCG Diet work?

Does the hCG Diet (Simeon’s Diet) work?In this article, we will discuss whether the hCG diet works and whether it is safe. As with most of my articles I will try to keep this article as brief as possible. What is hCG?First discovered in 1920, it stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is produced by … Continue reading Does the hCG Diet work?