Artificial Sweeteners and your Mental Health


Artificial Sweeteners and your Mental Health

In the previous article we had just learnt that coffee might be protective of one’s mental health. What was interesting to researchers, however, is how the positive effect was negated when artificial sweeteners were added to the coffee.

In a large study conducted over a decade, it was found that the more frequently you consumed artificially sweetened beverages, the more likely you were to suffer from depression.

The worst artificial sweetener seemed to be Aspartame. A study that looked at Aspartame’s effect on mental health was performed on those who already suffered from mental illness and the study had to end early due to individuals’ mental health deteriorating rapidly.

In a study performed on individuals with no history of mental illness, two groups were compared. One consuming the amount of aspartame found in three litres of Diet Coke and the other consuming the amount of aspartame found in one litre of Diet Coke. The group consuming the higher amount of aspartame reported negative effects to their mental health at approximately 8 days and performed poorly on brain function tests.

Therefore, whilst not every artificial sweeteners was studied for its affects on mental health, there is evidence to show that aspartame is dangerous when consumed regularly and at high doses.


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