How do you get enough Vitamin D from the sun?


How do you get enough Vitamin D from the sun?

Whilst it is common knowledge that the sun is the main source of vitamin D for humans, it is not commonly known how much time one should spend in the sun to achieve enough for the day. How does one get enough vitamin D from the sun?

Multiple factors influence how much sun you require. First and foremost is your latitude. Anything less than 30 degrees latitude north or south will require 15 minutes of midday sun on the face and forearms of a Caucasian individual to achieve the daily vitamin D requirement. Remember this skin cannot have sun block on it either. If you have darker skin, you would have to spend 30 minutes in the sun to achieve the same result.


At 30 to 50 degrees latitude north or south, during the winter months (November to February in the North and May to August in the South), you will not achieve enough Vitamin D trying to sunbathe during these months, no matter how long you are in the sun. This is due to the angle of the sun rays. Furthermore, if you are above 50 degrees latitude, the period of poor light exposure would be even longer, possibly half of the year.

Therefore, it would be recommended to consume 2000 IUs of Vitamin D3 supplement each day to ensure you do not become deficient. The recommendation is even more pertinent if you live in the higher latitudes.

Do Tanning Beds work?
They emit mostly UVA rays which increase the risk of melanoma and do not help produce vitamin D in the body.

This is how you ensure you get enough vitamin D every day.


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