Is Vinegar Healthy?


Is Vinegar Healthy?

Everyone has heard about the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, but do those benefits extend to other Vinegars? In this article we will discuss the health benefits of a condiment that is surprisingly good for you, unlike most condiments, Vinegar.

Vinegar is an anti-glycaemic agent. This means it decreases your blood sugar levels. It has been shown to decrease blood sugar levels after a meal by 20% if at least two teaspoons of vinegar are used in the meal. Can you take it without a meal?

Whilst initially thought to be needed to be taken with meals, studies show that vinegar used between meals still lowers blood sugar levels. In fact, the study that popularised the used of Apple Cider Vinegar showed that taking two teaspoons at night resulted in patients with diabetes waking up with lower fasting blood sugar levels. All types of vinegars cause this effect except vinegar pills.


Whilst the anti-glycaemic properties of vinegar are the most thoroughly studied other benefits such as weight loss (this was shown in a study funded by a company that produces vinegar and the results were moderate at most), improved arterial functioning (resulting in lower blood pressure) and improved functioning of the ovaries have also been studied.

Too much of a good thing can be bad, however, since it can burn one’s oesophagus and erode the enamel of one’s teeth if you drink it straight, rather dilute it. Furthermore, do not exceed a cup of vinegar a day.

Therefore, if you’re looking to add more flavour to your food, vinegar might be the healthiest low calorie condiments you could choose.


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