Lose weight easier with a vegan diet


Lose weight easier with a vegan diet.

The dieting community always tends to have a flavour of the month. That is, the most popular diet of the month. This ranges from low carb to no carb to no sugar to no oils and the list goes on. The popularity is usually sparked by a new study published that supports a type of diet. There is one diet, however, that has stood the test of times. That is a vegan diet or, more correctly named, a plant-based diet.

The benefit of a plant-based diet (more specifically a whole food plant-based diet) is that counting calories is negligible since most plants are high in nutrients and low in calories. This means you can eat more volume and still lose weight. An example is that a 25-gram piece of cheese has as many calories as half a kilogram of tomatoes. Plant foods are mostly water and fibre which contains no calories but will stretch the receptors in your stomach signalling that you are full and thus you tend to eat fewer calories.


Plant based diets are in fact better for diabetics than the American Diabetic Association diet. It was found that those consuming the whole foods plant-based diet were able to eat as much as they wanted, whilst the diabetic diet group had controlled caloric intake and carb counted, and still resulted in better health parameters (better blood sugar control and reduced cardiovascular mortality) and weight loss.
(For those interested, this is the study: Barnard ND, Cohen J, Jenkins DJ, et al. A low-fat vegan diet improves glycaemic control and cardiovascular risk factors in a randomized clinical trial in individuals with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Care. 2006;29(8):1777–83.)

In further studies comparing diabetic diets to whole food plant-based diets results showed that at the end of six months the plant-based group scored significantly higher in mood and quality of life than the other group. Furthermore, the plant-based group felt much less restrained from eating and this resulted in fewer episodes of binging.

(This is the study referenced above: Kahleova H, Hrachovinova T, Hill M, et al. Vegetarian diet in type 2 diabetes—improvement inquality of life, mood and eating behaviour. Diabet Med. 2013;30(1):127–9.)

These are just a few studies showing how the vegan diet or plant-based diet compares to the healthy diabetic diet. The vegan diet has a lot of research behind it and I will release more articles centred around it in the future.


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