How to get enough iron on a vegan diet!


How to get enough iron on a vegan diet!

One of the more common misconceived arguments against a vegan or plant-based diet is the argument around iron. This is an important topic because iron deficiency can result in multiple unwanted ailments. How do you get enough iron on a vegan diet?

Whilst the following fact may come as surprise to most, it has been shown that vegetarians consume more iron than meat eaters. The only problem, however, is that this iron is not easily absorbed. However, this issue can be mediated by consuming vitamin C with iron rich foods. Vitamin C can enhance the absorption of iron up to 600%. Furthermore, tea should be avoided when consuming meals since it inhibits iron absorption.

Which vegan foods contain iron?
The best sources of iron on a vegan diet come from leafy green vegetable, whole grains, beans, nuts, and dried fruit.

How about iron supplements?
Assuming your diet is full of variety and you are taking steps such as consuming vitamin c with your meals, iron supplements will not be necessary. Iron supplements can increase oxidative stress. If you are iron deficient due to dietary reasons, improve your diet before considering supplementation.

Therefore, iron is easily attainable on a plant-based diet. Ensure vitamin C is consumed with most meals to increase absorption.


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