Fish oil is a scam


Fish oil is a scam.

It is common for individuals to advise the use of fish oil for prevention or treatment of heart disease. This craze over fish oil has led it to develop into a industry worth millions. Should you use fish oils daily to help with your heart health? What does the science say?

Where did we get the idea that fish oils were good for the heart?
The idea came from a myth around the Inuit being protected from heart disease and it was assumed that it was due to their diet high in fish. There was then a trial called DART which found Inuit men to be protected from heart disease. This study garnered a lot of attention, however, a few years later the DART-2 trial was published by the exact same research showing that those supplied with fish oil tablets were more likely to die of heart disease.

What does the research say?
A systematic review and meta-analysis by Rizos et al., published by the JAMA in 2012, found no protective benefit for overall mortality, heart disease mortality, sudden cardiac death, heart attack, or stroke. There were many other papers supporting this idea. In fact, there is no longer justification to use fish oils in clinical practice and if patients ask about fish oil new guidelines suggest dissuading patient’s from using such a highly marketed product.


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