The best pre-workout


The best pre-workout

From C4 to Redcon total war, its safe to say that supplement companies have capitalised on everyone’s love for neurological stimulation. So, which pre-workout is the best? The answer to which pre-workout is best might disappoint you because the answer is caffeine.

If it were not for caffeine, pre-workouts would not be bought by anyone (bold statement) because they would not provide that immediate gratification. There are other ingredients that also work, however, not one has the amount of evidence behind its name than caffeine does, and these other ingredients provide benefits only when taken for long periods and tend to be expensive.

Caffeine accomplishes everything a pre-workout is designed to do, which is to make you less tired and more energetic in the gym.

Everything you need to know about using caffeine for the gym:

Caffeine has a variety of purposes. Many individuals know of is its ability to stimulate cognitive enhancement and wake you up (fight fatigue). Unfortunately, the cognitive enhancement does disappear with tolerance, however the ability to fight tiredness does not.

Are there other benefits to caffeine use?
It is commonly claimed that caffeine helps with fat loss through appetite suppression and thermogenesis. Whilst it would make sense for that to be the case, studies have not yet shown this to be the case.


Furthermore, caffeine may help in improving performance in the gym. It does this through pain-suppression and muscle ergogenic effects. In terms of tolerance, these effects in weightlifting do not diminish however, these effects in endurance training have been shown to diminish with tolerance. Therefore, for weightlifting, tolerance might not be as much of a concern, but those who have never used caffeine might experience greater effects.

Are there ways to avoid to tolerance?
Tolerance is difficult to avoid. There are ways to reduce the time taken to reaching tolerance. It is best to avoid caffeine or take in little when it is not being used for pre-workout purposes. Furthermore, only take caffeine when you feel like it is needed. For example, using it when you are tired before a workout as opposed to using when you feel energised for a workout.

How do you use caffeine?
The dose you use depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you want to fight fatigue a dose of 1-3mg per kg (0.5 to 1.5mg per lb) should be used a day. If you want to use caffeine to improve gym performance 4 to 6mg per kg (1.8 to 2.7mg per lb) should be taken 60 minutes or less before training.

How do you know how much caffeine you are consuming?
Thankfully, pure caffeine is cheap. In pre-workouts it tends to show you per scoop, however, if you want to take caffeine alone, you can buy pure anhydrous caffeine as tablets which will tell you how many milligrams are in a pill. Furthermore, you can use coffee and looking up online will show you how many milligrams are in a cup.

In conclusion, the best pre-workout is pure caffeine, it is cheaper and has more evidence than any other supplement in pre-workouts. If you are looking for a boost before the gym caffeine is the most researched supplement there is.


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