DNP – The most effective, but most dangerous fat loss supplement.


DNP – The most effective, but most dangerous fat loss supplement.

There have been numerous fat loss drugs to pass through the market, but none so controversial as DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol). What is DNP and why is it so controversial?

DNP is not sold for human consumption. It is sold as an industrial chemical to aid in the production of dyes, fungicide, anti-wood rotting agents and as an insecticide. Surprisingly, there was a time when DNP was sold as a fat loss drug, legally. However, it is now classified as a poison. This classification has not prevented people using it in bodybuilding, however.

How was it discovered?
It was first noticed to be a fat loss drug in World War 1. Workers in DNP plants started losing significant bodyweight. Soon after discovering its ability to aid in weight loss, in 1935, it became the first ever weight loss drug to enter the market in America. It had massive popularity which was short lived. Numerous side effects started to be reported. Many were reporting temporary blindness, cataracts, and in some cases, death. In 1938, it was no longer legal. Despite this, deaths related to DNP are still recorded.

How does DNP work?
Those who took biology in high school might remember all the chemical pathways that exist in the mitochondria. For those who did not or do not remember (had to refresh myself), this next part might not make as much sense. DNP essentially induces weight loss through uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation. What this basically means is that metabolism is sped up rapidly. However, an unwanted effect occurs which is the increase in one’s body temperature. The issue comes with the fact that the temperature can increase without stopping essentially cooking the person alive.

What are the side effects?
Where do I start? There is hyperthermia (increase in body temperature), increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, coma, cataracts, insomnia, sweating, decrease white blood cells (the cells that aid in infections) and Death.

How do you use it?
I was reluctant to include this section because this drug is incredibly dangerous and I do not want anyone to have the urge to use such a dangerous drug but I will include this section as a matter of making this article complete.

A common dosage amongst bodybuilders is 2mg per kg of lean body mass. Therefore, a 100kg bodybuilder with a lot of muscle mass will require more than a person who is 100kg with less muscle and more fat. Weight loss is rapid on this drug with reports of individuals losing 0.25kgs a day. It is only taken for a few weeks at a time due to its adverse effects.



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