Are SARMs Safe?


Are SARMs Safe?

The issue is that individuals have different definitions of what ‘Safe’ might mean. Just because something is legal or available Over the counter (OTC) does not make it safe. There is a lot of decision making that goes into the process of scheduling drugs and it would take multiple pages to cover. I will just look at what the studies conclude and draw my own conclusions from the data, and I encourage you to do the same.

The answer depends on Risk to Benefit. In studies with Ostarine (a well-researched SARM), lean body mass increased and Fat loss occurred. Furthermore, results seemed favourable for those living with osteoporosis and muscle wasting illness (cachexia in cancer). This would lead us to conclude that they are beneficial. Which is true, however, only to the patients who were in the study. They were not young healthy individuals. They had an average age of 65 years and multiple co-morbidities. The risks (such as lowered good cholesterol (HDL), liver toxicity and testosterone suppression) did not outweigh the benefits they received from these agents, such as improved function ability.

If this study had been conducted in young healthy individuals, there would be improvement in muscle mass and a decrease in body fat, but does that outweigh the suppression one could receive, the liver toxicity and other side effects. The most likely answer is no. You would essentially be taking a healthy individual and giving them possible ailments like natural testosterone suppression.

The argument does not end here. Some may say that they are a professional athlete (believe it or not, most of your favourite athletes are using performance enhancing drugs) and that taking these drugs would be beneficial and outweigh the risks because they could become the best athlete. That decision is up to them. To some, however, the idea of glory or fame is not as important as living a long illness-free life, but the reverse could be true for others. That is why the decision to use or not to use PEDs is left up to the individual once they have been adequately educated on the risks.

Going back to the original question at hand, ‘Are SARMs Safe?’. The answer is No. They have multiple side effects and have little research conducted on them. This does not mean you cannot use them in a way to mitigate these health consequences, it means that they are inherently not safe and the decision to bear the risks relies on the perceived benefits by the individual wanting to use them.

For more information regarding SARMs and their side effects, refer to this article


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